The Efficient Solution for Resource Allocation

A project manager or resource planner role is a lot like a juggling act. You manage resource allocation for projects, ensuring that all team members are utilized – but not over- or underutilized. You have to respond to change, consider priorities, and make sure project phases are completed by their deadlines so everything doesn’t come […]

Make 2021 the Year Your Company Becomes an Intelligent Enterprise

2021 Intelligent Enterprise

Companies of all stripes everywhere are suffering. In Canada, 220,000 businesses are at risk of closing today due to Covid-19, according to The Canadian Federation of Independent Business. Many reasons explain why. But one common factor that kept others open was data. Armed with actionable insights, many businesses were able to adapt to rapidly changing […]

ERP Implementation: One Thing You’ll WANT to Do Remotely from Now On!

The harsh reality of a global pandemic forced countless people indoors for extended periods of time — times that aren’t over yet. In our day-to-day professional life, we’ve adapted and learned to temporarily do many things differently, things that we don’t quite appreciate as much “at a distance,” such as group working sessions, ideation workshops, […]

Multi Project Resource Scheduler: creating an add-on to facilitate project management

Earlier this month, Projexia launched MPRS – Multi Project Resource Scheduler, an add-on to SAP Business ByDesign that boosts its Project Management capabilities. Our Innovation Team, here at Projexia, has been working relentlessly to come up with a solution tailored to the needs of project-based companies. The hard work earned us SAP’s Top Innovation Partner […]

BREAKING NEWS: Projexia joins the French group K9

We are pleased to announce that Projexia is joining the French group K9 whose main entity “PASàPAS” is a French leader in SAP support. PASàPAS is a French company founded in 2007 which shares the same core activity of Projexia being an SAP Gold partner. With 370 employees, PASàPAS covers all aspects of the information […]

SMB Innovation Summit – The place to be for SAP partners seeking innovation

Last month, we were attending the SAP SMB Innovation Summit in Orlando, to retrieve the latest information, tools and tips to lead small and medium businesses to success. This annual event is entirely focused on SMBs and exclusive to the SAP Partner Ecosystem. We had the chance to meet with other partners. We exchanged about […]

Industrie 4.0: quels sont les secrets de la PME intelligente?

Comment partager sa vision numérique aux membres de son équipe? Comment tirer profit des avancées technologiques et en faire bénéficier sa PME? Comment s’y retrouver parmi toutes les options disponibles, et surtout, par où commencer? Le 15 Novembre prochain, nous discuterons de ces points et tenterons de répondre à ces questions lors d’un évènement gratuit […]

Projexia becomes a Concur Customer Success Partner

Partenaire Concur Partner

By becoming a Concur-trained Customer Success Partner (CSP), Projexia can now help with your expense management system implementation for greater returns. Concur-trained CSP are equipped with insider education and deep product knowledge so they can help you spend less time setting up Concur and more time enjoying faster deployments and greater returns. So, what changes? […]

Projexia will be at CTAQ’s Journées Technologiques Nationales en Alimentaire

If you are a company operating in the food industry, you’ve most likely heard of the Journées Technologiques Nationales en Alimentaire du CTAQ being held in Montreal on September 13th and 14th. If not… it’s an event worth adding to your agenda! The Journées Technologiques Nationales en Alimentaire is an event organised by the CTAQ, […]

Increased Visibility Equals Increased Sales

Ventes - Sales

You’ve been here before: your product or service is ready for market, but that’s just the beginning. Next, you need to identify potential customers, create a marketing campaign, construct a sales pitch, nurture qualified leads, anticipate and close deals, and ensure your employees have access to vital information throughout the entire sales cycle to address […]

Integration and Automation: The Next step in Digital Transformation

In a previous blog, we introduced how digital transformation is possible with the right technological framework, and how such transformation can help grow your business. Now that you’re looking to move in that direction, or you’ve already decided to spearhead a project, you must consider an important aspect of digital transformation: integrating and automating your […]

How to Know When to Breakup with Your Business Solutions

Change Business Solution - Changer solution gestion

Your company is thriving, but are you equipped with the right tools to get to the next level? As you’ve been focusing your attention on building and scaling your company, it’s likely you may be relying on outdated technology. Your systems may have brought you this far; however, without an equally dedicated focus on updating […]

Projexia at SIAL 2017 in Toronto

Projexia will be at SIAL tradeshow, the North American Food Innovation Exhibition, from May 2nd to 4th, in Toronto. The SIAL is THE annual food industry gathering. With 15,000 visitors and more than 900 exhibitors, it is the biggest food industry tradeshow in North America. We will be exhibiting there, to introduce SAP solutions built […]

Food Traceability Secures Canada’s Food Supply

Canada is serious about protecting its citizens from unsafe foods. The federal government is asking Canadians to offer their insights regarding new regulations about strengthening the safety of the country’s food supply, including foods imported into Canada, sold across the country and prepared for export purposes. A major aspect of the proposed regulations includes tracking […]

Why You Need to Get Customer Obsessed

Most companies are focused on generating leads to obtain new customers. But how much time, energy, and strategy are you investing in keeping your existing client base? Are you customer obsessed? Make New Friends but Keep the Old Retaining customers has become more important than obtaining new ones. Consider that the dollar you invest in […]

Harnessing Digital Transformation to Grow Your Business

You work hard to attract and retain clients. Some of that work is more manual than you’d like because you’re using a variety of technologies to track and manage your customer experience. But what if your company could work in a smarter, more automated, and more holistic way? Digital transformation may sound like a lofty […]

A Better Go-Live Experience Through Agile Cloud Deployment

Agile cloud

It’s tough to get colleagues excited about a major platform transition. People come to rely on the software they use every day. And even when those programs become antiquated and obstruct their efficiency, your peers develop hacks and workarounds, fostering a level of comfort with their tools. Most people expect that a major software transition […]

Cloud Solutions: What’s Cloud and What’s not

The words “cloud computing” are used everywhere. There are so many misconceptions about what the cloud really is, so the answer can vary depending on who you ask. So, what is a true cloud solution and how can you take advantage of cloud solutions? What is the Cloud? SAP says, “Simply put, cloud computing makes […]

Projexia is now an authorized SAP S/4HANA® Cloud partner

Projexia announced today that it is now offering SAP’s next-generation ERP suite, SAP S/4HANA® Cloud, to its customers in Canada, and has now become an authorized partner for this new product. Projexia has deployed the first S/4HANA on-premise solution in Canada and now offers a new deployment model to better respond to market demand and […]

Free lunch-conference on SAP S/4HANA and the digital transformation

The digital transformation is the trendy topic of our times. But what does it really implies? Projexia will be offering a free lunch-conference on December 7th, to introduce you to SAP S/4HANA and explain how SAP helps companies to enter the digital era thanks to efficient and innovative solutions. The seminar will take place in […]

Come visit us at Strategies PME on November 23rd and 24th

Once again, Projexia and its team will attend the Stratégies PME event in Montréal. The event will take place on the 23rd and 24th of November, at the Palais des Congrès. Stratégies PME is THE small and medium businesses meeting you don’t want to miss in Montréal. More than 5000 SMB executives will be there, […]

Projexia is recognized as the #1 SAP Reseller in Canada for 2015

SAP integrator since 2009, Projexia’s growth is solid and steady. Projexia is now ranked as the number one SAP reseller in Canada for sales achievement in both “Cloud” and “On Premise” solutions, for its alignment to SAP strategy and its high quality delivery standards. This prestigious accomplishment strengthens Projexia’s position as a leader of SAP […]

5 reasons to choose SAP to manage your SME

Myth vs. Reality Did you know that 80% of SAP clients are SMEs? If you have heard before some comments such as “too expensive”, “too complicated”, “too big”, it is not true anymore. Things have really changed! Thousands of SMEs like yours have benefited for many years from the simplicity and flexibility of SAP solutions […]

SAP announces SAP S/4HANA, Cloud Edition

SAP pushes digital transformation even further and announces SAP S/4HANA, Cloud Edition SAP S/4HANA, Cloud Edition, is introducing a breath of innovation and simplification for companies and their operations. The solution also offers the possibility to deploy hybrid scenarios – combining Cloud and On Premise solutions – for an unprecedented IT flexibility, promoting innovation. SAP […]

Exciting news!

We’re thrilled to announce that our journey has taken an exciting new turn. Our company has merged with a larger, innovative partner and as a part of this new chapter, we’ve changed our name to Talan! 

While our website remains active for you, we invite you to explore a world of new possibilities on the Talan website. Discover fresh content, groundbreaking services, and more! 

Exciting news!

We’re thrilled to announce that our journey has taken an exciting new turn. Our company has merged with a larger, innovative partner and as a part of this new chapter, we’ve changed our name to Talan! 

While our website remains active for you, we invite you to explore a world of new possibilities on the Talan website. Discover fresh content, groundbreaking services, and more!