A Better Go-Live Experience Through Agile Cloud Deployment

Agile cloud

It’s tough to get colleagues excited about a major platform transition. People come to rely on the software they use every day. And even when those programs become antiquated and obstruct their efficiency, your peers develop hacks and workarounds, fostering a level of comfort with their tools.

Most people expect that a major software transition will be an intrusion: a long, painful process, fraught with problems and multiple delays. One reason for this is that companies have historically adopted new technology using the Waterfall methodology, a linear approach to software implementation.

With a Waterfall process, projects are structured with requirements analysis, design, implementation, testing, and deployment in that order, leaving little room for flexibility or adaptation.

Today, technology implementations can and should happen at a faster pace. Mindset changes about how to develop software effectively, plus the emergence of cloud technologies, gives credence to the Agile approach to software implementation.

With an Agile cloud deployment, time and efficiency are on your side. As this opinion piece about Waterfall vs. Agile explains, “Rather than completing all the work in a linear progression prior to testing, Agile divides the project plan into short intervals called sprints. Testing occurs at the end of each sprint, and adjustments are made accordingly, rather than spending a great deal of time doing development for the entire project and only discovering and addressing issues late in the game.”

Simply put, cloud implementations are fast.

And remember those skeptical stakeholders? Adopting cloud software will be an easier experience for them too. Rather than having to learn complicated applications installed only on their work computers, they can access the new software from any device and any place they have an internet connection.

Not only an on-demand 24/7 experience, cloud software is designed with user-friendly web best practices in mind, simplifying the adoption process. “Using web style user interfaces, like that of eBay or Yahoo, allows for more widespread adoption across the company without the need for detailed training.”

If you’re concerned about time to market for your new software and managing expectations for technology stakeholders in your company, an agile cloud deployment is the way to go. Contact us today to learn more about SAP Cloud Solutions.

Alison Auzias

Alison Auzias

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