The Efficient Solution for Resource Allocation

A project manager or resource planner role is a lot like a juggling act. You manage resource allocation for projects, ensuring that all team members are utilized – but not over- or underutilized. You have to respond to change, consider priorities, and make sure project phases are completed by their deadlines so everything doesn’t come […]

Make 2021 the Year Your Company Becomes an Intelligent Enterprise

2021 Intelligent Enterprise

Companies of all stripes everywhere are suffering. In Canada, 220,000 businesses are at risk of closing today due to Covid-19, according to The Canadian Federation of Independent Business. Many reasons explain why. But one common factor that kept others open was data. Armed with actionable insights, many businesses were able to adapt to rapidly changing […]

Moving SAP Infrastructures to the Cloud

Don’t miss out on the economic, technological and competitive benefits of making changes If business people have learned anything from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is that companies with remote workers can thrive in the new era so long as they have proper access to data, applications and colleagues they need to get their work done. […]

A Better Go-Live Experience Through Agile Cloud Deployment

Agile cloud

It’s tough to get colleagues excited about a major platform transition. People come to rely on the software they use every day. And even when those programs become antiquated and obstruct their efficiency, your peers develop hacks and workarounds, fostering a level of comfort with their tools. Most people expect that a major software transition […]

Cloud Solutions: What’s Cloud and What’s not

The words “cloud computing” are used everywhere. There are so many misconceptions about what the cloud really is, so the answer can vary depending on who you ask. So, what is a true cloud solution and how can you take advantage of cloud solutions? What is the Cloud? SAP says, “Simply put, cloud computing makes […]