Integrate manufacturing planning with scheduling and minimize inactivity

View inventory, capacity, and product data consistently using SAP solutions for manufacturing planning, scheduling, and execution. Integrate delivery, scheduling, and dispatch of new production requirements to the plant floor. Improve production and resource status visibility to trigger exception handling. Respond to new demands faster and more flexibly to adapt to changing plants conditions, which help fulfill timely delivery commitments to manufacturing planning and scheduling.

Improve operational efficiency

Embrace all aspects of design, manufacturing, and post production operations with responsive manufacturing software from SAP. With real-time visibility and transparency, you can optimize operations, collaborate with global manufacturing and supply chain networks, and lower overall costs. Through integrated automation, your business can support machine-to-machine communication, implement Industry 4.0 manufacturing solutions, and connect with the Internet of Things in the cloud.

Find hidden production capacity in your existing resources for greater success

Have the ability to scale up and down quickly bases on market demand in a cost-effective way – with SAP software for production networks. Identify and resolve any issues across the extended supply chain to increase fulfillment of delivery commitments, manage changes to existing and new product introductions, and share process improvement ideas across your enterprise.