Boost patient-centricity with SAP solutions for life sciences

Develop, manufacture, and distribute effective new therapies around the world – faster and more efficiently than ever before. SAP solutions for the life sciences industry leverage cutting-edge technology to help pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and other companies improve focus on the patient and caregiver – while enhancing global health in new and innovative ways.

How can SAP solutions enable you to change the game?

Solutions from SAP for the life sciences industry help pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies achieve operational and financial excellence and strengthen collaboration with suppliers and customers. SAP solutions help life sciences companies innovate and maximize the quality of drugs, devices, services, and processes to improve patient outcomes.

What do SAP solutions help customers do?

Collaborative R&D: Analyze Big Data to drive personalized medicine, and manage development, collaboration, and R&D costs.

Demand-driven supply networks: Synchronize demand and supply, optimize inventories, and minimize supply chain risks.

Multichannel sales, marketing, and service: Approach diverse customer segments in a consistent and targeted way across channels.

Strategic sourcing and procurement: Simplify sourcing and procurement, manage third parties, and optimize spend and supplier performance.

Compliant manufacturing: Align internal and external manufacturing, proactively improve efficiency, and mitigate risk.

What are the benefits?

Drive growth by innovating drugs, devices, services, and processes and through:

  • Faster market introduction of new drugs and medical devices that improve patient outcomes
  • Enhanced competitiveness by ensuring excellence and compliance across business functions