Simplify your access to SAP software and reduce costs with Projexia's Partner Managed Cloud.

Projexia provides partner managed cloud for SAP software, a subscription delivery of SAP solutions through our hosted cloud.
Projexia’s Partner Managed Cloud allows you to implement the most current version of world-class SAP software faster without the dedicated staffing requirements and up-front capital expenditure of an on-premise deployment. Partner managed cloud extends your range of deployment options, giving you greater choice
and more flexibility.

With Partner Managed Cloud and the expertise of Projexia, you can focus on managing your business and not IT. All costs associated with using and managing your SAP software are combined in a single subscription fee, giving you greater predictability and control over monthly and quarterly operating expenses.

The subscription includes:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Service
  • Support

Projexia takes care of:

  • Deployment
  • Application Management
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Database Management

Get the benefits of a flexible cloud option

As a customer, you get all the benefits of a cloud consumption model – pay as you go economics, rapid time-to-value and innovation, low total cost of ownership, scalability and flexibility in deployment – coupled with fully managed, enterprise-class SAP solutions that traditionally were only available on premise.

Focus on your core business

Spend less time and energy building and maintaining IT systems. Let the talented people in your organization focus on what they do best – innovation, delivering quality products, and providing superior customer service.

Improve cash flow

Avoid the up-front cost, impact on cash flow and balance sheet, and lengthy approval cycles associated with capital expense financing. Pay as you go using your operating expense budget to free up cash and maintain the financial agility your business needs.

Lower your total cost of ownership

Instead of hiring your own dedicated staff and procuring your own IT infrastructure, lower your total cost of ownership by leveraging the expertise, centralized resources, and scale that only an experienced SAP partner can provide.

Accelerate time to value

Don’t wait longer than you need to get up and running. Take advantage of the core competencies and infrastructure maintained by select SAP partners to start realizing business value faster.

Reduce risk

Mitigate the uncertainty of anticipating your future software usage require-
ments and operating costs. Gain predictability and control by consolidating software, hardware, and support costs into a single, per-user, monthly subscription fee.

Run the most current software

Never fall behind on the latest fixes, enhancements, and new features of SAP software. Let your SAP partner help ensure that you’re always running the most current technology.

Embrace the cloud

Enterprises of all sizes explore and increasingly commit to cloud deployments. Through partner managed cloud, your organization also can rapidly benefit from the latest innovative SAP technologies without the need for capital expenditures. This will allow you to focus on your business rather than your IT needs.
Contact us to discuss how you can benefit from our Partner Managed Cloud offering.