Value Assessment

As a Projexia customer, you have access to various additional services to maximize the performance of your SAP solution within your company. Quickly, during the preliminary value assessment, we will identify the critical points that are part of your operations and business processes. At the same tine, we will point out different solution enablers that can ease the transition within each department affected by the implementation of the SAP solution. During this interview, we will help you identify potential benefits and the key factors underlying the financial justification associated with the deployment of the solution that will take your business to the next level.

Taking full advantage of our status as an SAP partner, we also offer the possibility to benchmark your organization and compare it with similar organizations in terms of size, revenue, with similar processes or within the same industry. You will have access to one of the largest and most extensive benchmarking programs available for companies focusing on performance:

  • A variety of 18,000 business cases coming from 4,000 companies part of different industries
  • A library of 50 documented business processes
  • A list of over 1,800 key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • More than 2,500 detailed best practices

During this review, we will work closely with you to establish your performance baseline and identify ways to achieve these goals.
We are also available to assist you while writing your business plan to clearly demonstrate the profitability analysis and economic aspects such as return on investment (ROI), net present value (NPV) etc... that are involved with the launch of your SAP solution. In addition, you will have access to a library of inspiring business plan templates on top of a list of key performance indicators taken from surveys conducted during benchmarking that can benefit your analysis.

By opting for a close SAP partner, you are connected to a network of experts specialized in customizing your SAP solution to make it a perfect fit with your business needs.