BREAKING NEWS: Projexia joins the French group K9

We are pleased to announce that Projexia is joining the French group K9 whose main entity « PASàPAS » is a French leader in SAP support.

PASàPAS is a French company founded in 2007 which shares the same core activity of Projexia being an SAP Gold partner. With 370 employees, PASàPAS covers all aspects of the information system (IS) of its customers and has the mission to make available a premium offer of transformation of their IS and their business, all based on evolution and continuous innovation.

It is the lead integrator for 80% of ECC’s conversion projects to SAP S/4HANA in France and has been awarded the prestigious 2019 SAP PINNACLE AWARD in the S/4MOVE category.

The participation in Projexia by PASàPAS also incorporates a strong cultural and human dimension: the two companies share the same language and a similar corporate culture, putting people at the heart of its projects.

In a nutshell, this operation brings a breath of fresh air to Projexia and PASàPAS, two complementary companies working towards the same goal: to deliver a premium level of service thanks to the expertise of its consultants and a partnership established with its customers, based on long term relationship and proximity.

It also brings some changes for Projexia, especially in terms of our brand identity: a new logo and new colors will gradually settle in … Follow us, more info coming soon!


Alison Auzias

Alison Auzias

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Exciting news!

We’re thrilled to announce that our journey has taken an exciting new turn. Our company has merged with a larger, innovative partner and as a part of this new chapter, we’ve changed our name to Talan! 

While our website remains active for you, we invite you to explore a world of new possibilities on the Talan website. Discover fresh content, groundbreaking services, and more! 

Nouvelles excitantes!

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Alors que notre site web reste actif pour vous, nous vous invitons à explorer un monde de nouvelles possibilités sur le site web de Talan. Découvrez du contenu inédit, des services élargis, et plus encore !