How to Avoid Enterprise Software Implementation Meltdowns

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 can help your company achieve its ambitions quickly and cost effectively. In Major League Baseball, batting .400 will put you in the Hall of Fame. In IT project management, succeeding 4 out of 10 times will put you in the hot seat with executive leadership. Alas, far too many CIOs feel […]

Increased Visibility Equals Increased Sales

Ventes - Sales

You’ve been here before: your product or service is ready for market, but that’s just the beginning. Next, you need to identify potential customers, create a marketing campaign, construct a sales pitch, nurture qualified leads, anticipate and close deals, and ensure your employees have access to vital information throughout the entire sales cycle to address […]

Integration and Automation: The Next step in Digital Transformation

In a previous blog, we introduced how digital transformation is possible with the right technological framework, and how such transformation can help grow your business. Now that you’re looking to move in that direction, or you’ve already decided to spearhead a project, you must consider an important aspect of digital transformation: integrating and automating your […]

How to Know When to Breakup with Your Business Solutions

Change Business Solution - Changer solution gestion

Your company is thriving, but are you equipped with the right tools to get to the next level? As you’ve been focusing your attention on building and scaling your company, it’s likely you may be relying on outdated technology. Your systems may have brought you this far; however, without an equally dedicated focus on updating […]

Food Traceability Secures Canada’s Food Supply

Canada is serious about protecting its citizens from unsafe foods. The federal government is asking Canadians to offer their insights regarding new regulations about strengthening the safety of the country’s food supply, including foods imported into Canada, sold across the country and prepared for export purposes. A major aspect of the proposed regulations includes tracking […]

Why You Need to Get Customer Obsessed

Most companies are focused on generating leads to obtain new customers. But how much time, energy, and strategy are you investing in keeping your existing client base? Are you customer obsessed? Make New Friends but Keep the Old Retaining customers has become more important than obtaining new ones. Consider that the dollar you invest in […]

Harnessing Digital Transformation to Grow Your Business

You work hard to attract and retain clients. Some of that work is more manual than you’d like because you’re using a variety of technologies to track and manage your customer experience. But what if your company could work in a smarter, more automated, and more holistic way? Digital transformation may sound like a lofty […]

5 reasons to choose SAP to manage your SME

Myth vs. Reality Did you know that 80% of SAP clients are SMEs? If you have heard before some comments such as “too expensive”, “too complicated”, “too big”, it is not true anymore. Things have really changed! Thousands of SMEs like yours have benefited for many years from the simplicity and flexibility of SAP solutions […]

SAP announces SAP S/4HANA, Cloud Edition

SAP pushes digital transformation even further and announces SAP S/4HANA, Cloud Edition SAP S/4HANA, Cloud Edition, is introducing a breath of innovation and simplification for companies and their operations. The solution also offers the possibility to deploy hybrid scenarios – combining Cloud and On Premise solutions – for an unprecedented IT flexibility, promoting innovation. SAP […]

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We’re thrilled to announce that our journey has taken an exciting new turn. Our company has merged with a larger, innovative partner and as a part of this new chapter, we’ve changed our name to Talan! 

While our website remains active for you, we invite you to explore a world of new possibilities on the Talan website. Discover fresh content, groundbreaking services, and more! 

Nouvelles excitantes!

Nous sommes ravis de vous annoncer que notre parcours a pris un tournant passionnant. Notre entreprise a fusionné avec un partenaire plus grand et innovant, et dans le cadre de ce nouveau chapitre, nous avons changé notre nom pour Talan ! 

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