ERP Implementation: One Thing You’ll WANT to Do Remotely from Now On!

The harsh reality of a global pandemic forced countless people indoors for extended periods of time — times that aren’t over yet. In our day-to-day professional life, we’ve adapted and learned to temporarily do many things differently, things that we don’t quite appreciate as much “at a distance,” such as group working sessions, ideation workshops, or debating on new opportunities. In the business of ERP implementation, the need for “100% remote services” came, as everywhere else, suddenly! But with a major difference: the technology and (some) services providers’ expertise was ready to absorb the shock.

Today, powerful cloud-based ERP software is increasingly implemented remotely in ways that are actually advantageous to users, project managers and leadership teams:

  • Embedded industry best practices to allow the solution to adapt to most of business specifics
  • Flexible cloud-based options and packages to facilitate deployment anywhere and everywhere
  • Proven agile methodologies to secure a safe implementation while done 100% remotely
  • Streamlines workshops and engagement via video conferencing, collaboration tools, etc.
  • Your people can focus more on day-to-day needs while service provider expedites turnaround

If you’ve not yet explored what an innovative ERP implementation can do for your business, this may be the most opportune time to find out. You’ll save time, reduce costs and expedite deployment – all without travel scheduling, in-person meetings or associated expense.

As an example, SAP Business ByDesign is a platform of choice for Projexia and many of our customers: Built in the cloud from the ground up and ideal for remote ERP implementation. After eight years of related experience and expertise, we can attest to the reliability as well as the reality that differences between remote and semi-remote ERP implementations are negligible.

Faster, more efficient deployment

SAP Business ByDesign is based on industry best practices, with optimized business processes that enable faster and more efficient deployment — in weeks, not months. The service provider expertise should focus on determining whether to go “fully standard” or with some customization. Those are the types of decisions that have greater bearing on cost, resources, maintenance, onboarding, and training as well as business partner alignment.

Price matters, no doubt, but the productivity gains alone should more than offset your ERP investment. With SAP Business ByDesign, you pick and choose modules to run your business today and in the future, all with quarterly updates and continuous innovation, securely hosted 24×7, and again, remotely delivered. Keep these factors in mind with other critical considerations related to integration, for example, which is another plus with SAP, and business intelligence where SAP Analytics Cloud stands out.

Remote yet personalized

If you’re ready to move to a cloud-based solution, choosing the right ERP implementation and change management partner becomes paramount. We welcome the opportunity to share our perspective on the criteria that should guide this selection:

  • Partnership level of the implementation partner with the software vendor is key
  • Those already adept at remote ERP implementations have distinct advantage today
  • An “SME for SMEs” who understands your pain points helps ensure on-target outcomes
  • Consultants with in-depth multi-industry experience and expertise engage where it counts
  • Partners with large customer bases across private and public industry sectors add to confidence
  • The ability to leverage proprietary accelerators can boost ERP capabilities beyond expectations
  • Proficient communication skills are crucial at all levels so mutual understanding is never in doubt

Because we genuinely think that Human is at the center of every project, at Projexia we live up to our tagline, Human First, to put people first in every scenario, whether customer or member of our team. We wouldn’t have become North America’s leading SAP Business ByDesign reseller without full appreciation of what makes all businesses great – how well they manage to and deliver on customer expectations.

Keeping it real… virtually

In today’s world, more and more, this means delivering in remote ways that make a profound difference. That’s what we do on the ERP front, and we’ve already turned the corner in terms of remote services delivery that is uniquely personal, friendly and attentive to what matters most to individual customers.

We’ve all learned a lot about social distancing this year, including myriad challenges and frustrations it can cause. Digital connections and capabilities have helped in many respects, although some of the ways we interacted in the past won’t necessarily return or even need to, as with ERP implementation.

Remote is already very clearly the ERP way to go – and grow. Your business “touchpoints” will be better as a result. It’s also a good time to get to know Projexia and how we bring ERP value to life wherever you operate and look to improve!

Authors : Samuel Laurin, Project Manager at Projexia.
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