SMB Innovation Summit – The place to be for SAP partners seeking innovation

Last month, we were attending the SAP SMB Innovation Summit in Orlando, to retrieve the latest information, tools and tips to lead small and medium businesses to success.

This annual event is entirely focused on SMBs and exclusive to the SAP Partner Ecosystem. We had the chance to meet with other partners. We exchanged about best practices and how to improve the life of our clients, thanks to new solutions and technology typically reserved for what we call the “Large Enterprise” level organisations.

It was also an opportunity for us to showcase our new SAP ByDesign Add-on named “MPRS” (Multi Project Resources Scheduler) – but more on that later. Here are our SMB Innovation Summit highlights:

Intelligent Enterprise:

We’ve been hearing about the Intelligent Enterprise for months now (even years): what’s SAP’s take on it, and more importantly, how does SAP transform your regular SMB into the Intelligent Enterprise?

  • SAP empowers SMBs to become more efficient thanks to 3 key components:
    Intelligent Enterprise Suite – With powerful yet affordable ERP solutions for SMBs and a range of other tools such as SAP Concur, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Analytic Cloud, etc.
  • Intelligent Technologies, such as Blockchain and IoT
  • A Digital Platform – SAP Cloud Platform, that supports it all

The idea is to combine these three components and allow SMBs to automate low value-added tasks, giving employees the opportunity to think and focus on more important assignments.

Change of mindset:

More than ever, SAP is putting the emphasis on client retention, customer experience and customer service.
The shift to Cloud computing and “Cloud Economy” means that revenue is now coming from subscription-based contracts. Maintaining excellent relationship between clients and solution provider is of paramount importance. Moreover, a satisfied client will ultimately become your most efficient brand ambassador: cultivating a long-term relationship with your customer is one of the keys to success.

Leveraging technology:

Providing partners with new technologies and encouraging them to leverage SAP’s ecosystem to deliver the intelligent enterprise to SMBs was at the center of the SMB Innovation Summit discussions.
SAP is working hard on promoting artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as advanced analytics and blockchain, although they acknowledge that it is still a challenge for partners to transform this kind of opportunities into real and concrete projects.

Projexia has been leveraging SAP technology, using SAP Cloud Platform to build an application extending SAP Business ByDesign (SAP’s flagship solution for SMBs) – We called this solution MPRS.

MPRS, Multi Project Resource Scheduler, is an add-on that boosts SAP Business ByDesign project management capabilities. This tool empowers Project Managers, allowing them to view, track, adjust and optimize task assignment versus resources availability in real time across multiple projects – all from one screen. It is designed to get the job done at the right time, with the right skills, faster. Thanks to MPRS, Project Managers can now have a way to have an overview of all the projects and resources in one place.

Projexia’s debrief

To sum it up, SMB Summit has been a great event. We had the chance to meet with many partners of the SAP Ecosystem and it was the perfect exposure for our new application MPRS. We took that opportunity to share our vision of the Intelligent Enterprise and what we can build with SAP Cloud Platform and SAP ByDesign. Putting customer at the center supported with the right technology… The years to come will be very interesting for SAP Partner Ecosystem.

Alison Auzias

Alison Auzias

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