and Business Intelligence

Take your data management to the next level with advanced analytics and
business intelligence

Data is more valuable and usable
than ever before

Few business resources can create as many competitive advantages for your organization as your data can. Information generated by your employees, partners, and clients can give you unique insight into your operations and enable you to make smarter business decisions. Modernizing their approach to data management and usage should be a critical priority for any company striving to become an intelligent enterprise.

SAP Analytics and BI Solutions gives you the power of augmented analytics, predictive analytics, and enterprise planning in a single solution that integrates to your SAP environment. By embedding analytics and business intelligence into your business applications, you can enhance your organization’s decision-making process at every level with broad visibility and real-time insights. With these solutions, you’ll be able to evaluate and predict business outcomes, allowing you to reduce uncertainty and make confident, informed decisions.

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How SAP Analytics
and BI can help you


Use SAP Analytics and BI Solutions end-to-end user experience to manage data and analytics from a single place that can scale to meet different user needs and decision-types.

Business Intelligence

Explore and visualize data across your entire organization with intuitive self-service analytics that provide real-time insights at the point of decision.

Integrated Planning

Align strategy and action with collaborative and predictive enterprise planning that integrates with your ERP.


Enhance decisions making at every level with comprehensive AI-guided analytics and automated machine learning algorithms.

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We can deliver the dedicated and personalized service you want from an SME with all the capabilities of a large enterprise.​

Why Projexia?
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Make everyone in the company

feel like a

data scientist

Master data usage with SAP’s comprehensive analytics suite