SAP Business Technology

Migrate your business apps and design new ones
on SAP’s powerful PaaS

Enable limitless intelligent innovation

When a company begins its transformation, it will start to integrate disruptive technology and leverage cloud capabilities to further their path towards the intelligent enterprise. As that path progresses, they will want to expand their ERP’s capabilities and develop cloud-ready applications to address highly-specific business needs and client expectations.

SAP Business Technology Platform is a flexible and scalable PaaS that integrates seamlessly with both your SAP and non-SAP systems. Based on SAP HANA in-memory database technology and using both open source and standards, SAP Business Technology Platform gives you the power to create and test cloud-based apps embedded with next-generation technology including analytics, machine learning, AI and other functionalities.

SAP Business Technology Platform lets your developers work with a number of cloud environments, frameworks, and development tools to build highly-customized apps with engaging user-experience features.

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What you can do with
SAP Business Technology Platform


Embed your business applications with advanced analytics that process your data in real-time for instantly informed decision-making.


Use best practices, open sources, and open standards to simplify development and operational processes.


Integrate both on-premise and cloud applications from both SAP and non-SAP systems and data sources.


Develop, test, and run mobile apps from a single, integrated Platform-as-a-Service


Develop personalized user-experiences for your applications using SAP Fiori.

Emerging Technologies

Leverage next-generation technology such as AI, machine learning, blockchain, and IoT to maximize your use of intelligent enterprise capabilities.

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