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The consumer products industry is now defined by the customer experiences it can provide to its buyers. The modern-day consumer appreciates quality as a minimum requirement, steering their business towards the companies that can deliver personalized shopping experiences that make them feel understood.

SAP helps your company enable your transition to an intelligent enterprise that can do more with its customer data to meet their expectations. Analyze buyer data to reveal patterns and tendencies, automate commerce for seamless and secure transactions, and deliver unique, personalized experiences that result in high customer-satisfaction and improved loyalty.

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SAP Consumer Products solutions help your organization

Increase customer satisfaction

Reduce inventory levels

Increase on-time delivery

Improve time-to-market

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When you partner with Projexia, you partner with a recognized SAP Gold Partner focused on building long-term business relationships that see our clients grow. Our experience with both SAP solutions and the Manufacturing industry qualifies us to help your organization evolve into an intelligent enterprise that excels in the experience economy.

Projexia can help you with:

  • Project planning and management
  • Business process automation
  • Production planning
  • Production scheduling
  • Cost optimization

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