How to Know When to Breakup with Your Business Solutions

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Your company is thriving, but are you equipped with the right tools to get to the next level?

As you’ve been focusing your attention on building and scaling your company, it’s likely you may be relying on outdated technology. Your systems may have brought you this far; however, without an equally dedicated focus on updating technology, your company’s growth could be in jeopardy.

Even though 94 percent of North American businesses believe maintaining updated programming is important, outdated software leads to between 70 and 80 percent of malware intrusions, including viruses, worms, and hacks.

If your business management platforms are aging, now may be time to turn to the cloud. Pre-cloud programming is not only less efficient than current technology, it is often unable to integrate other aspects of the enterprise, creating unconnected data silos. Those gaps lead to crashes, hacks, or compliance failures. It is expensive and time-consuming to get back to speed, assuming the company survives the downtime.

Signs of outdated software

Some indicators are evident:

  • Key IT staff retire or move on, and there’s no support available until the new hire is on board;
  • The program’s vendor goes out of business or stops supporting your version of their software ;
  • You’re making continued investments in patches and connectors that manage immediate IT problems, but that don’t otherwise add value to the system as a whole;
  • Existing systems can’t handle emerging business opportunities, causing lost sales and decreased competitiveness.

Other signs are not so apparent:

  • Your revenue remains stagnant despite the introduction of new products and services because there is no way to access or leverage relevant data;
  • Production values fail to achieve their maximum potential and you are unable to identify the cause;
  • Unnecessary expenses slip by because the circumstances driving their development are not tracked;
  • Industry standards change, and you don’t find out your product is out of compliance until after an injury or damage occurs;
  • Your enterprise is the victim of a cyberattack and your proprietary data – and your customer’s private information – is destroyed or stolen.

Cloud computing solves the problem

Businesses that invest and support technology treat it as an asset. They are better equipped to manage growth and leverage their digital tools to propel the enterprise forward. For many companies, cloud-based solutions present the best opportunity to obtain and maintain up-to-date computing tools. Those tools will provide the flexibility, economy, and power needed for business today and tomorrow.

At Projexia, our SAP Business ByDesign solution provides our clients with the comprehensive, 360 degree digital tools they need to maintain their security, economy, and market share. Our customized system will encompass your entire operation, giving you the data you need to remain competitive, reduce costs, and drive growth.

By leaving the tech management to us, you can focus on your business, knowing that Projexia has your digital back at all times. We can help you identify where your legacy software poses threats to your corporate future. Contact us today.

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Alison Auzias

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