Projexia becomes a Concur Customer Success Partner

Partenaire Concur Partner

By becoming a Concur-trained Customer Success Partner (CSP), Projexia can now help with your expense management system implementation for greater returns.

Concur-trained CSP are equipped with insider education and deep product knowledge so they can help you spend less time setting up Concur and more time enjoying faster deployments and greater returns.

So, what changes?

In a Concur implementation, customers are responsible for working with Concur Implementation resources, such as technical consultants and project managers, to document business requirements and to ensure the project is on track and complete. Internally, customers are responsible for their own technical integration, change management and end-user training, as they see fit, to ensure a comprehensive solution is delivered throughout their organisation.

Working with a CSP like Projexia makes it easier. Whether you don’t have the time, you don’t have the resources to spare, or you simply want an expert on board so you get the most out of your Concur deployment, a CSP is right for you. We have in depth training on Concur project methodologies and processes, as well as solid technical, travel and expense management expertise, enabling us to help you meet your responsibilities easier, earlier and more efficiently.

In short, here are the benefits for you:

  • Better return on investment
  • Higher user adoption rates
  • Faster implementation
  • Local expertise and on-site assistance

Projexia will be hosting a webinar on September 14th to introduce you to Concur’s main features. Click here to register.

And as usual, please contact us if you need more information!

Alison Auzias

Alison Auzias

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Exciting news!

We’re thrilled to announce that our journey has taken an exciting new turn. Our company has merged with a larger, innovative partner and as a part of this new chapter, we’ve changed our name to Talan! 

While our website remains active for you, we invite you to explore a world of new possibilities on the Talan website. Discover fresh content, groundbreaking services, and more! 

Nouvelles excitantes!

Nous sommes ravis de vous annoncer que notre parcours a pris un tournant passionnant. Notre entreprise a fusionné avec un partenaire plus grand et innovant, et dans le cadre de ce nouveau chapitre, nous avons changé notre nom pour Talan ! 

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