5 reasons to choose SAP to manage your SME

Myth vs. Reality

Did you know that 80% of SAP clients are SMEs? If you have heard before some comments such as “too expensive”, “too complicated”, “too big”, it is not true anymore. Things have really changed!

Thousands of SMEs like yours have benefited for many years from the simplicity and flexibility of SAP solutions for such a type of business. Specifically designed for small / medium-sized businesses, but also taking advantage of SAP huge 43-year experience, these SAP solutions allow companies to best manage their costs, sales, procurement, production, human resources and many other aspects of their operations.

Just like you, these SMEs are looking for innovation, quick implementation time and simplified management tools all rolled together, crucial elements for their growth and success.

It is now time to demystify SAP! Here are 5 reasons to choose a SAP solution for your SME and get your company a modern and affordable solution, adapted to your reality.

1. A vast experience at the service of SMEs, in all types of industries

More than 80% of SAP clients are small – medium-sized companies. In other words, it means that more than 250,000 SMEs trust SAP to manage their activities and monitor their growth. Such a large number of users allows the range of SAP solutions to be present in all industries. Whatever your line of business, the SAP expertise will benefit you.

2. A portfolio of solutions recognized globally, for all types of industries, and all integrated

Each solution is fully considered in order to meet PMEs’ specificities. Affordable pricing, simplicity and quick implementation. Flexibility. Although all the solutions are integrated and designed to work in perfect symbiosis, you are free to choose the one solution based on your specific requirements.

Do you need a CRM or marketing solution to better manage your clients? SAP Hybris can help you.
Do you need a HR solution to take care of your resources? Learn more about SAP SuccessFactors.
Do you need a complete and integrated ERP to manage all your SME’s operations? SAP Business ByDesign is the solution for you.

Whatever the size and the needs of your SME, there is a solution to support your growth.

3. A distinctive attention to SMEs’ financial reality

SAP solutions for SMEs are affordable and allow companies to benefit from the advantages of their solution early into the process. Many solutions are offered in a Cloud mode as a SaaS subscription (Software as a Service) model. In a subscription mode, we are talking about operational costs (Opex) instead of capital expenditures (Capex), which greatly facilitates forecasting expenses.

4. A facility to deploy instead of a rigid and generic solution

The solutions offered by SAP are configured and implemented as per your needs: on site (On Premise), in the cloud, or a mix of both, as we can see this happening more and more often in the SMEs. This is done in record time, knowing that the implementation of a solution can take only 2 to 3 months according to the project scope.

5. Multi-company, multi-languages and multi-currency solution

More and more SMEs operate in various markets, at the international level. SAP solutions for SMEs are studied in order to help you run simple, without bothering you with language or currency changes, and taking into account a multi-company structure.

Then, your SME, like thousands of others, will be able to focus on operations and growth by choosing specifically designed solutions to meet your requirements. On site or in the Cloud, these scalable solutions will be integrated in your existing infrastructure to help you manage your operations more efficiently.

Through the complete range of SAP solutions such as CRM, Marketing, HR, ERP integrated management solutions, BI analysis tools… All the SAP roads can lead your SME to success!

Alison Auzias

Alison Auzias

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